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Although it does not have 1 billion users, the actual number is 150 million, but it is also a huge product. Use crypto-currency to reward users who provide seeds and bandwidth is a great idea, very optimistic about the prospects of this project.


Bittorrent does have a natural advantage in content distribution, but unstable currency prices destroy everything. Imagine that you are using Bittoorrent's CDN service. The same content you only paid $100 yesterday, but today you need to pay $300 because $btt has tripled.


Bittorrent is installed with a rogue software Avast, which is too bad.


Because of the rise of video sites like NETFIX, few people now download video files via Bittorrent, so the popularity of Bittorrent is not as good as before. But in terms of content distribution - CDN, bittorrent can still do a lot. Relying on users distributed around the world, bittorrent has advantages over CDN in other platforms, such as aws, aliyun.


BitTorrent has a billion users, and it's a great idea to use tokens to reward users who provide seeds and bandwidth, which will make downloading and uploading faster.