Product: 3.6
Team: 4.3
Marketing: 3.5
3.6/5.0 - 5 ratings -
@Pablo 5.0

Although it does not have 1 billion users, the actual number is 150 million, but it is also a huge product. Use crypto-currency to reward users who provide seeds and bandwidth is a great idea, very optimistic about the prospects of this project.

@Faroese 2.0

Bittorrent does have a natural advantage in content distribution, but unstable currency prices destroy everything. Imagine that you are using Bittoorrent's CDN service. The same content you only paid $100 yesterday, but today you need to pay $300 because $btt has tripled.

@Elena 2.0

Bittorrent is installed with a rogue software Avast, which is too bad.