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@JazzjZZ 4.0

I don't quite agree with @ yijun's opinion. If btcz is really completely free of premine and ico, then it is still very promising to cause an explosion in the future.

No premine and no ico gpu minable and asic resistant. Mixed reveiws made me look deeper into the history and the group involved with the project. It is a solid true Crypto currency that has been severely undervalued due to poor marketing in the past. The community is diverse from all over the globe and have a fierce devotion to BTC and Satoshi's original crypto fundamentals of what the coin stands for. This coin is something you will want to buy low while you can and HODL you will not be getting a Lambo next week but maybe in 3 or 4 years will be more then worth the wait.

@TopGemsC 1.0

Scam coin, stay away from it.