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There is no doubt that Bitcoin is an epoch-making innovation that saves people from being exploited by dictators. Until then, dictators could rob people of their property by constantly printing money, as evidenced by what happened in Zimbabwe. But with bitcoin, one can abandon banknotes printed by dictators and be protected from exploitation.

Bitcoin's main problem now is that the market value is too low and it is too easy to be manipulated. The main reason for the low market value is that Bitcoin's main competitor is very strong, that is, the US dollar. Most countries in the world are within the sphere of influence of the United States, with the exception of a few dictatorships. People still have no reason to abandon the dollar and choose bitcoin.

But why is Bitcoin still strong? It is because political leaders and rich people in various countries also need Bitcoin. In the past, it was very difficult for them to transfer bribes and tax evasion funds to Switzerland. But now, only a hash code is needed to solve the problem. Of course, people who live in dictatorships also need bitcoin, but such countries are still a minority after all. Until bitcoin reaches a market value that cannot be manipulated, it is still full of dangers. I believe that sooner or later this day will come because the world's second largest country, China, has very bad finances and a large number of banknotes have been misprinted. Inflation is extremely severe throughout the country, and people's property values ​​have been severely devalued. When 1.4 billion Chinese realize that it is very dangerous to own paper money, Bitcoin will be their best choice.

Just as it takes time for a tree to grow, it takes time for Bitcoin to reach a stable market value. Until then, investing in Bitcoin is a risky business, so be careful.

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