by @cybergirly2

The idea of Bitcoin is ground breaking. A virtual Currency that is decentralized and out of the whims of greedy bankers. Bitcoin replaces the old Trust System with Proof, which is based on mathematics. The only real threat for the security of Bitcoin is a Bug in the code, which a third party could exploit. Also an important thing to keep in mind, Bitcoin is an Open-Source project and the development team works on Bitcoin without getting paid. Therefore developers could be tempted to keep bugs in the code in order to fix them with their own side project, in order to earn money. With the currently slow transaction time the vision of Satoshi, for a digital currency for daily use cannot be accomplished with Bitcoin, at least at the moment. There is the Lightning Network for fast transactions but it is unsecure for big amount of $$.

So Bitcoin may not be perfect as it is, but it is still the best performing asset since the dawn of humanity.

My verdict: 3/5 with a Badass seal of approval

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