Btc is massively being adopted and can become the cornerstone of future digital currency development

BTC - @CryptoMcmillan -

One thing I like about BTC is that it can be used both in a centralized and decentralized way. Of course, we know for a fact that the BTC, based on Satoshi's vision, was created for a decentralized use case specifically related to payment; however, with the current system we have today and the ever-changing nature of government policies and regulations, we can see it being used also the other way around. There are financial institutions not only in the US but as well in other countries, including both EU and Asian countries that now integrate digital currency into their system, e.g. in remittance, lending, loans, etc. This somewhat way of adoption and development for me can be viewed as both positive and negative. Although I wouldn't outline here my reasons for both justifications and probably just leave it to one's personal interpretation or rather, opinion.