Bitcoin to the moon

BTC - @lasermonzon -

Bitcoin will sure become the reserve currency of the world.
This is different from currency. So, think of this definition as applying to MONEY such as gold, silver, platinum… Things that most people agree have an intrinsic value over time, regardless of the value of any paper money (currency) that may be equated to it.

Bitcoin (BTC) fits into the Money definition, rather than the Currency definition. In fact, it’s the first Money that meets fully all the criteria I listed above. Even “precious metals” lack in the Portability section. That’s why the US created Fort Knox to hold massive amounts of gold. That’s another story, but the short part is that there were rooms assigned to major countries. As we traded, gold was literally moved from room to room to keep track of who owned what portion of the gold there.

Since BTC fits the definition of money perfectly (as long as you have a computer or smart phone), It will become a store of value. That is somewhere you put your currency when you have a concern that your currency may not hold it’s value.

Bitcoin is a very good investment. You should invest right away. No doubt that the cryptocurrency is here and trending all around the world. Internet payments are already being used and accepted by many companies. Cryptocurrency investments are just like you would invest in market shares or real estate. Investors are more interested in investing their money on cryptocurrencies and with the increased desire to invest; you get increased demand for cryptocurrency and price growth.